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Struggling in the Life of Celibacy? Finding It Hard to Fight Sexual Temptation?

Not Tonight helps to guide you through your journey of Celibacy, Sexual Addictions, and Temptation. Giving you biblical insight, dating tips, and instruction to help you remain pure in your walk.

“Must Read. Very real and relatable. Recommend this book to anyone seeking to become celibate in a secular world. Awesome.” – Amazon Customer, To see more reviews, Click Here.


Single to Married…Exposes the major mistakes of the single woman in dating and relationships. Helps you make better choices in choosing a mate. Shows you how to receive the life of fulfillment through healing, restoration, and a relationship with Christ. Opens your eyes to everything that marriage, and being a wife, truly encompasses. Guides you in finding out who you are and whom God has called you to be.

“This book is absolutely amazing. The knowledge and wisdom from this author is super beneficial; the information is relatable and the book has honestly opened my eyes up and made me look at this time of being single a blessing. Excellent read.” – Tammara, Amazon Customer, To read more reviews, Click Here.


Single to Married Devotional…Guides as you reflect on areas of improvement. Walks with you in prayer on different areas of your life. Gives you a 30 day jump start to healing and restoration. Exposes areas that are affecting your relational, spiritual, and emotional life. Shows you how to receive a life of fulfillment through a relationship with Christ.

“This devotional is more than a book that guides you on how to become a great God-fearing wife, but it also guides you on how to become a God-fearing person and God-fearing woman. Chloe has written a guide that opens up doors for you to explore the love of God on your own. It is a devotional that encourages you to reflect on the word of God and how you feel about it. I would recommend this devotional to anyone. Also, if you have not read her books please do so.” – Amazon Customer, To read more reviews, Click Here. 

Single? Celibate? Frustrated with trying to wait and date the right way?

Single, Celibate & Dating…Exposes the spiritual, emotional and physical reasons you should wait for marriage. Serves as an updated version of “Not Tonight” focusing on celibate & dating life. Gives you a step by step guide on the do’s and don’ts of the abstinent life. Gives tips and advice for the new or transitioning celibate single or abstinent couple.

“Excellent book. Really touched on the areas I have been struggling in. Giving me a whole new perspective on dating, why I should remain celibate and how to achieve it. Highly      recommended.” – Hazel, Amazon Customer, To read more reviews, Click Here.


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