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“Will I Ever Get Over This Breakup?”

“Every past partner and pain I experienced in my life taught me something about myself as well as taught me how I viewed God and His love for me.”

I cannot tell you how many thoughts and emotions I would go through day by day after a break-up. They would change constantly. It’s draining, exhausting and just plain depressing. You go each day wondering if the pain will ever go away and if you will always have the same feelings towards your past partner. Will you go your whole life missing someone, and something, you can never have? Sometimes, that’s how it feels. Sometimes, you even find the feelings ebbing and flowing. One minute you are okay and ready to move on with your life, the next, you find yourself reminiscing and right back where you started…….Click Here to Read Full Post.


New Blog Post!

“How to Handle a Relationship Where You Feel “Unloved”

Love can be a beautiful thing. Whether it’s receiving love from a family member, friend or significant other, it’s nothing like being in a relationship where both parties love each other and will do anything and everything to preserve the relationship. But what if you love the other party and you aren’t receiving the same love and commitment back? Not a good feeling, right? Trust me, I totally understand….CLICK HERE TO READ FULL BLOG POST.


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New Blog Post!

“To the Single Lady in Waiting”

Single and Waiting. That was a category I identified with for a long time and, honestly, never thought I would get out of it. Date after date. Relationship after relationship. I was getting to the point of thinking it was God’s will for me to stay single. Was I okay with it? At first; no. But, after a while, I got to a place of acceptance, focused on God’s calling over my life and learned to enjoy my singleness. I watched Spongebob everyday, went out to eat all the time and enjoyed ice cream every night. I was living it up. (yeah, right lol) During this time, I never thought I would have met my amazing husband and I never thought I would be celebrating our one year anniversary someday. God is good. I prepared for marriage where I could, but I honestly didn’t know some things about myself nor some struggles I would have during marriage. In just one year, there are so many things I struggled with that I wish I would have known about before jumping the broom…….Click Here to View Full Blog Post.


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“What to Do While Waiting on Mr. Right – 6 Tips”

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Rubies Giving Back – Spring 2017

This 2017 year we were able to donate to the LoveLady Center of Birmingham! Thank you so much to all who gave!! We can’t wait until next year to donate again to another ministry in need!

To Learn More about Rubies Giving Back, Click Here: “Rubies Giving Back”

Donations Given to : LoveLady Center of Birmingham, AL – To learn more about the center click here: https://www.loveladycenter.org/portal/


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